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Our programs are always inquiry based. We want our students to strengthen a variety of skills, be deductive, investigative and logical. We want them to be independent of tasks while working in groups and therefore we differentiate accordingly to their levels. We would like our students to be reflective and we want to learn from them, so we always ask them how well it went, and what would you change.

Learning beyond the classroom.

We all know that underpinning purpose of taking learning away from the regular environment is to enhance learning. We would like you to extend our classroom with us.


Our activities will help students to understand a topic better and to retain more subject-based knowledge. We will allow students to collect data, process data and draw conclusions in an active, engaged way. Through our activities, students will be capable of making connections to what has been learned in the classroom and applying knowledge, concepts, and skills in real-world situations. After 3 days with our team your pupils will appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of learning.


We would like to invite you for one of our 3 days leadership and learning beyond the classroom courses. We can offer a ready-made program or build the experience together. It is entirely up to you. In general, we have three types of programs:


Our “Bushcraft for leadership” course focuses on team-building and fun activities. Our “Learn Outdoors” course is more advanced and will include data collecting and processing. Finally, our “Pathfinders” course is very good for older students, preferably IB 17 and 18 years old pupils. It combines leadership with advanced scientific skills. Your students may be asked during this course to do some volunteering with local children or to help foresters in the forest. It always has to be arranged differently and will never be the same.

Due to the nature of our programs we don’t run them throughout the year. Usually, we start in April and run our courses until late September.

Please write at to check the availability and ask for a quote.

Learning beyond the classroom

Go Wild Summer Camp

We run all-inclusive, residential summer camps throughout the summer for children aged 9—16. With the option of 7-day or 14-day, Learn Outdoors has something for everyone.


Our camps are open to small groups and individuals. ​


Action-packed and held in safari-style tented camps, each residential summer camp combines bushcraft activities with learning beyond the classroom ideas! ​ Learn Outdoors „Go wild” camps are a great way for children to meet new people, or to spend time with their friends. We can offer your kids a truly rich and memorable experience.


Our camps provide a sense of the wider world, build self-confidence and expand horizons. We teach, we learn, and we give our pupils the chance to re-examine their values and gain cultural, social and experiential learning opportunities. ​


The Price: 1000 PLN 7 days/person. 1500 PLN 14 days/person.


Location: Forest close to Syców, 50km from Ostrów Wielkopolski, 60 km from Kalisz, 65 km from Wroclaw, 160 km from Łódź and 300 km from Warszawa (only 10 km off the S8 Highway).


Questions? Write: You can also call us Mon.-Fri. 9 to 5 pm: (+48) 504 911 007

Summer camp
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