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  Volunteers and workers  Needed!

Attention all Adventurers!

Do you speak English? Maybe you would like to improve your language skills? Do you like working with students and young people?

Do you like mountains? Forests? Wildlife? Outdoors? Bushcraft? Are you a mountaineer? A scout? A sailor?

Or maybe you have absolutely no experience in such things, but you always wanted to?

If you don’t mind a little physical work combined with some intellectual, if you don’t mind bugs, unpredictable weather, mud, sleeping in a tent, cooking on the fire and lack of hot shower…




We can give you lots of memories, lots of fun, a pretty decent wage over the summer (so if you are interested in September pursuits it may be an option) and if you are determined enough we can give you a full time job and professional development opportunities.

We believe in people and we believe in good, hard work.

Write to or call 0048 504 911 007 so we can arrange a meeting.

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