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Our mission

Learn Outdoors Foundation has been showing children and teens since 2018 that education can be fun. We use alternative teaching methods, believing that we remember most by doing something ourselves, so children on our trips search for information themselves, use tools, measure, build and get their hands dirty.


We organize geography, airsoft, science and technology (STEM) trips, and in summertime we invite you for bushcraft, fantasy and many other camps.


An inherent element of our workshops is the presence of foreign volunteers. There is no room for any form of discrimination or intolerance with us - we are committed to an atmosphere of respect, acceptance and openness. We believe that dialogue is the key to building bridges between people and cultures.


Learn Outdoors is a non-profit foundation, which is why we can not only offer you low prices, but also provide you with the equipment you need during our expeditions. We believe that education should be accessible to everyone - regardless of social or financial conditions. Our goal is to provide every child with the opportunity to explore the world and gain knowledge in an interesting way.




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