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What is ASG?

ASG, or AirSoft Guns, is a type of team game in which participants equipped with rifles that fire plastic balls simulate armed combat. Weapons are created to reflect the original as closely as possible, while not harming the opponent. There are currently 3 types of rifles: electric, gas and spring-loaded.


What are the benefits of ASG?

Airsoft, which relies heavily on running around the woods with a replica, is definitely a better alternative to sitting in front of a computer. In addition to developing physical fitness, it also allows you to learn teamwork, decision-making under pressure, strategic thinking and taking initiative. These are skills that are extremely useful in everyday life.


Our offer:

The Foundation currently consists of FLOAT, meaning FLO Airsoft Team, a group designed for beginners. In its framework, we learn the basics of ASG strategy, handling replicas and taking care of equipment, as well as health and safety while having fun.


For intermediates, we offer participation in the FLOAT AROT group - in this class we master the basics of field action inspired by units of the Territorial Defense Forces and Navy Seals. We learn to operate in the field, in groups, strategic thinking and responsibility.

The most advanced players are invited to join the AROT airsoft team affiliated with our Foundation. As part of it, we go to events such as Mission Afghanistan and PAF (Polish Airsoft Festival).


How to prepare?

It is crucial to take long pants and a long-sleeved sweatshirt - preferably in protective colors (for example, uniform), or at least in muted colors. Footwear should be full - preferably mountain or military. We have goggles and protective masks that we are happy to share, but it is always a good idea to have your own pair. You can borrow a replica from us for a fee or bring your own. Ammunition and food in the form of military rations are included in the price of the trip.



Since the beginning of our history with ASG, we have not yet had to deal with situations that were potentially dangerous. Nevertheless, we do our best to ensure that no accidents occur during our outings, but you have to take into account the fact that bullets can leave bruises or minor wounds. Our instructors are trained in first aid, and there is always a first aid kit on site. 

During the play it is OBLIGATORY to have your safety goggles on ALL THE TIME and to follow instructors' EVERY ORDER.

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