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Szumi Camp

A picturesque former scout base located near Lake Brzeźno in the heart of the Przemęcki Landscape Park. This is where our summer camps take place - at night we sleep in tents, and during the day we play in the woods, swim in the lake or relax by the campfire.

Address: ul. Harcerska 2, 64-150 Miastko

Youth Hostel Złoty Widok

A charming youth hostel located in the mountains, kept in the style of the 1990s. This is where our weekend trips and winter holidays usually take place - we wander through the mountains, visit the quarry and admire the landscape from the observation deck, and after classes we spend time together in the common room playing games.

Address: ul. Kolonijna 14, 58-573 Piechowice Michałowice

Youth Hostel Lubachów

A youth hostel located near Swidnica with a beautiful view of the mountains in a region rich in tourist attractions. Come here for some of our weekend trips.

Address: 58-114 Lubachów 12



Leisure complex located under the massif of Sleza by the beautiful Sulistrowicki Reservoir. Here we invite you to weekend trips, when enjoy the nature and wonderful landscapes.  Due to the close proximity to Wroclaw, transportation must be organized at your own expense.

Adres: ul: Wypoczynkowa 6, 55-050 Sulistrowice

Crypt in Wróblowice

The premises of an old candy or teddy bear factory (as the legend goes) made available to us by courtesy of the owner - Mr. Janusz. The site consists of several buildings (hall, warehouse, cottage), bunkers and the surrounding forest. The irreplaceable climate of the area, as well as the close proximity to Wroclaw, make it an ideal place for our airsoft outings.

Coordinates: 51.15879205539157, 16.773038151223073



Our former base, today - due to low capacity - a place for airsoft outings. It is surrounded by forests, where you can find peat bogs, a former fort or a German cemetery that's over a hundred years old - it is a place full of surprises with a unique atmosphere.

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