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Information for parents

For whom and where?

We organize trips for school-aged children - from the first grade of elementary school to the last grade of high school, the age range of a given trip is always included in the description. For younger children - grades 1-3 - we usually provide for 1 or 2 trips during summer camps.


Currently, the Foundation operates in several locations. Our camps are held at the Szumi Camp scout base, where we sleep in tents and have activities in the woods during the day. For weekend trips and holidays we invite you to the Youth Hostels in Piechowice and Lubachow. For more information and a map of how to get there, please see the staff and location tabs.


Part of the charm of our camps are the scouting conditions in which we operate - although we no longer wash under a watering can, as in Radzyna, but it is worth remembering that a tent in the woods or a youth hostel is not a five-star hotel.

How to get there?

Travel costs are included in the price of each outing. We meet at a certain time under the clock at the Wroclaw Central Railway Station, from where we take a train to our destination. In the case of the trip to Piechowice, you have to walk about 2 km uphill to the hostel, so you should take this into account and not take too many things that you have to carry later.


In the case of individual trips (for example, to SuliCamp), due to the close distance, transportation should be provided on your own. In this case, information will be included in the event description.

How is the catering?

Four meals are planned during the day: breakfast (between 8 and 9), lunch (between 13 and 14), afternoon tea (around 17) and dinner (between 19 and 20). 

At summer camps, we use Szumi Camp's catering service and delicious food is prepared on site. Meat and vegetarian options are available. On other trips, we cook on our own - lunches are always meatless, and for breakfast and dinner everyone chooses what they want for themselves.


In case of food allergies, intolerances or special diets, please select the right option in the form.


We would appreciate it if you do not give your children snacks - especially sweets - on the trip. There are various food allergies among the participants and when everyone brings their own packed meal, we are not able to control who eats what. This is very dangerous especially in the case of nut allergies.


7.00 Wake-up call

7.45 Morning exercise for those willing (only at camps)

8.15-8.45 Breakfast

9.00-9.30 Preparation for morning activities

9.30-13.00 Morning activities block

13.00-14.30 Lunch and post-lunch rest

14.30-18.00 Block of afternoon activities

18.00-21.30 Dinner and free time

21.30 Preparation for night silence

22.00 Lights-out - everyone is in rooms/tents

23.00 Everyone is asleep

Safety and insurance

We make every effort to keep children safe on our trips, but most of our time is spent outdoors so scratches, mosquito bites, ticks, bruises or minor wounds are unavoidable. 
During summer camps, a paramedic is on site all the time. 


For safety reasons, it is necessary to obey all orders of instructors. We do cool, interesting things at camp - we often use tools or knives - but we do so only under the supervision of an adult instructor and only at the time and place designated for this. 


However, no matter what precautions we take, accidents are unavoidable, so all participants in our camps are insured.

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