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4. Airsoft

All ASG fans are welcome to join us for the final camp. We will be shooting, using drones, thermal imaging and much more....

Turnout IV Airsoft

Departure 21.07 (Sunday) from Wrocław Główny Railway Station

Return 31.07 (Wednesday) from Wrocław Główny train station

For the last turnout we invite all ASG fans - both advanced and beginners. Get ready for realistic scenarios where skillful teams oppose each other in dynamic duels! You will polish your tactical skills, learn teamwork, as well as the art of camouflage and movement on the battlefield. You'll take advantage of terrain and natural obstacles to gain an advantage over your opponent, and you'll learn how to use drones, navigation programs and even thermal imaging! All this will come in handy during the battle for a planet taken over by vicious rebels...

Age range: 10-18 years old

Duration: 10 days

Cost: PLN 1950 (you will have to pay an additional PLN 250 if your child does not have his own replica)

Enrollment form:

Please make the first payment after signing up for the camp.

Please note, if you send your child to 2 camps, you will receive a 10% discount on one.

If you send two children to the camp, the second child also gets a 10% discount.

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